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Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, founder of Freedom Cowgirl and Equine Guided Education and Coaching, is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, land steward and artist with the mission of re-connecting people to land and nature so each can heal the other. Ariana's power as a transformational coach is to empower people to heal themselves and the earth with courage, spirit and responsible action.

"The next leadership frontier is of a spiritual nature. Now is the time to respect all creatures and Mother Earth. Our success is no longer defined by our accumulation of material goods, but by being in service to our Great Mother Earth.”

— —Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

You can still watch the wonderful presentations of the Journey On Summit, San Antonio 2023

Ariana presented with Warwick Schiller, Linda Kohanov, Kansas Carradine, Filipe Masetti Leiti, and many other amazing presenters at the Journey on Summit, in San Antonio, November 2023.

You can view her presentation, HORSES HEALING HUMANS HEALING EARTH, from the comfort of your own home by clicking the link below. It's is only $99 for a truly enlightening event!

Lessons learned from the summit included how much love, acceptance and kindness can create a community of like minded, independent people who can come together with shared passion to make our world (both sentient and practical) a better place for all beings. And we can wear cowboy hats as we do it! A deep thank you to Warwick, Robyn and Tyler for their sincere and dedicated ability to bring such a powerful community together. 

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We are looking for impassioned people, healers, optimists, coaches, and change makers who want to create healthy, sustainable relationships within self, with others and with our Great Mother Earth.

Facilitating Change for a Healthy Planet-Full Immersion

FCHP: January - July 2024

Join a unique group of embodied change makers for a healthy planet. This one of a kind coach/facilitator program includes the energetics of creating change, intuitive empowerment, horse wisdom, and ‘time in nature’ activities to create connection, embodiment and harmony in balance with Mother Earth. This course includes Somatics & Spirit, Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth and the Creating Sacred Circles.

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Somatics, Nature and Spirit-3 month course

Online course-starts January 2024

SNS: (aka part 1 of FCHP)

Are you looking for more resilience and a sense of inner peace? If so, this 3 month online course covers principles and practices for reconnecting your mind/body/spirit which you can continue to access even when the course is complete. Includes live zoom calls, self study and private community resources. This course is designed for you own self awareness and also develops your facilitation skills and tool kit.

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Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth

In person program April 10-14, 2024

HHHHE: (aka part 2 of FCHP)

Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth is a 5 day program offering a transformative journey to discover new paradigms for shifting consciousness and finding pathways to heal ourselves in relationship with Mother Earth. Are you ready to embark on a new way of being that includes ecological consciousness? Do you want to be part of the movement towards a more sustainable and harmonious world?

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Award Winning Author

Ariana has written four books, is a frequent speaker on a variety of podcasts and has been featured in numerous publications including Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonoma County Farm Bureau, North Bay Business, Yoga Journal and Somatics Magazine.

Her most recent book, The Water Calls, One Woman's Journey to Reclaim Her Dignity and Freedom, won a Indie Book Award in Women's Literature in 2023 and 5 five star reviews from Reader's Favorite.  

Her other books include, Equine Guided Education, Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth, Horse Sense for the Leader Within and Planning your Business in the Horse as Healer/Teacher Profession.

See all of Ariana's books at Casari Farm & Garden

Ongoing Coaching and Community Offers

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