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Award winning author, inspirational speaker, land steward and artist with the mission of re-connecting people to land and nature so each can heal the other

"The next leadership frontier is of a spiritual nature. Now is the time to stand for dignity and respect for all creatures and Mother Earth. Our success is no longer defined by our accumulation of material goods, but by being in service to a worthy cause.”

— —Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

Award Winning Author

Ariana has written four books, is a frequent speaker on a variety of podcasts and has been featured in numerous publications including Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Sonoma County Farm Bureau, North Bay Business, Yoga Journal and Somatics Magazine.

Her most recent book, The Water Calls, One Woman's Journey to Reclaim Her Dignity and Freedom, won a Indie Book Award in Women's Literature in 2023 and 5 five star reviews from Reader's Favorite.  

Her other books include, Equine Guided Education, Horses Healing Humans Healing Earth, Horse Sense for the Leader Within and Planning your Business in the Horse as Healer/Teacher Profession.

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Be an Earth Whisperer

If saving the earth is as important to you as it is to me, then this private community is the right place to make a difference. The planet is our home and it is essential that we take steps to protect it.

Together, in alliance with a shared mission to create a lighter footprint on our Great Mother, we CAN empower ourselves and others to take courageous action to stand for new, respectful lifestyle strategies that are just as much about healing our planet as about healing all of our relations. 

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Monthly mentor group for creative expression

Journaling and sharing ourselves on the written or drawn page in this private support group, will bring new inspiration and a much needed sense of connectedness. Write along and/or support each other as we write and illustrate each new chapter as it wildly unfolds. Membership includes monthly live zoom call, explorative prompts, private circle to share and get support, exclusive access my new writings and illustrations that you can download and use in your programs. Ariana provides her ongoing encouragement for you to express yourself without inhibition so that you can turn challenges into opportunities and find new choices and directions.

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Coaching options with Ariana

Ariana specializes in developing change makers in emotional, somatic and spiritual intelligence with an emphasis on the natural world as a place of healing.

“Somatic awareness, the required ingredient for healing and growth, relies on the ability to listen and observe, not only to the sensations of one’s mind, body, and spirit but also to the energetic components of the mind/body/spirit of the other beings in our life.” --Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

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“Healthy success is not about how much stress you can handle or how high you raise the bar for what success means. True success comes from an embodied sense of dignity and respect coming from inside of you and flowing outward, contributing to others along the way.”

-Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

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