Ariana's Private Monthly Mentor Group for Creative Expression

Nurture your creative spirit in a supportive group setting!

The intention of this creative circle is to:

* Set your imagination free and allow your stories to flow from within 

* Find your authentic voice

* Discover solutions to unanswered questions

* Nurture your creative spirit

*Be seen and heard for who you naturally are.

* Delight in the inarticulate

* Disallow comparison critical perceptions

* Invite new possibilities and new stories

* Shape shift into a new you

Storytelling can come through oral prose, a written parable, or brush strokes on a page, even pieces of driftwood placed in a timeless array of visual impression. It is your choice to write or draw, paint or sculpt.

  • It will be our collective process to enjoy, discover, imagine, dream, play and invite. This is not a critical writing workshop by any means, so let your fears of confrontation and judgment slip away.
  • Nature, your home, a park, or even a coffee shop can become your muse. Perhaps a new totem or animal guide will call your intuition to listen or simply the grasses of spring, summer or fall.
  • Art is freedom. Anything is possible for the artist. There is no right or wrong way to do art. 
  • The creative process is essential to finding the deeper meanings and ways our life experiences shape us. And through the creative process we can shape shift again into who we want to be now in our lives as we grow and change. 

Ellen B

"I used to have quite a narrow view of creativity. You had to be an artist, draw, paint, write poetry, sculpt. A finished, polished product had to come out of the effort. Now I think bigger. A creative life is being, doing something you love, or learning something new and not feel anything has to be perfect. Collaborating and connecting with people, nature, the world can also be creative acts without producing anything but satisfaction and a smile!" Ellen B, member of the Creative Circle


"Ariana's guidance has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of my acquiescent habits and, that shifting away from the critical self-talk (old stories) toward increased self-acceptance in both words (new stories) and actions will enable me to realize my intentions more readily."

 The Power of Storytelling and how it works

Journaling and sharing yourself on the written or drawn page in this private support group, will bring new inspiration and a much needed sense of connectedness. Write along and/or support each other as we write and illustrate each new chapter as it wildly unfolds.

* Membership includes monthly live zoom call

* Ongoing explorative prompts in our private library

* Private community to share and get support

* Exclusive access to my new writings and illustrations that you can download and use in your programs.

* My ongoing encouragement for you to express yourself without inhibition so that you can turn challenges into opportunities and find new choices and directions.

Through allowing visual images and creative journaling without judgment, we connect to our inner wisdom, our ancient knowing and answers we often spend too much time trying to find through logic.

Storytelling has no borders! Through giving your intuition permission to speak, it can bring you closer to our loved ones and the universal magic of balance, forgiveness, possibility, love and hope.

 The power of story telling is ancient: a primordial desire to connect ourselves to the interconnectedness of our reality and explore the deeper meanings of our life, our inner intentions and our dreams. 

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