$475.00 USD

Intuitive Horsemanship™- 1 on 1 mentor package

4-5 mentorship sessions 45 minutes to 1 hours in length)  with Ariana includes:

  • A deeper way of seeing horses as sentient, feeling beings who want to be in relationship with you
  • Exercises, both physical and mental you can do to center yourself before you ride or work your horse. 
  • Tried and true practices to create communication with your horse that comes from the 'inside-out', based on authentic requests, and not only on tools and techniques.
  • Learn how to identify where and how your horse is being resistant and how to change your approach to get connection and unity.

We can work by zoom, video, written journaling and more. We can either work on 4 1 hour sessions or 1/2 to 45 minutes sessions for a total of 4 hours.